Online Dating Safety Tips

This is the generation of internet, 1 out of 3 persons in the globe uses internet for various purposes. Most of us uses some or the other social networking sites which includes online dating sites. Here are some tips which if followed could safe you to get trapped by internet scammers and fraudster.

  1. Most of them are from African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, etc)
  2. They uses profile picture of beautiful/handsome models.
  3. They mostly communicate with courtesy even if you are rude to them.
  4. Sends you messages of lottery or matrimonial proposals.
  5. They always mention their own email address with a sweet message of relationship.
  6. At the end they will ask you to transfer some money and they will promise you to return, they will show you urgency.
  7. A genuine person will never ask for such information and if somebody whom you never met in real asks you, that person must be a fraudster.
  8. Most of them will tell you they military officers or widowed.
  9. Immediately inform us if you suspect any fraudster member at

There are few government and NGO’s websites  where you can get the information related to online dating scams

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